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i_hate_to_read's Journal

19 September
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So there are my hobbies and other datas, now some personality traits: (see the fake enthusiasm on my face? :))
- is said to be introverted
- but still wants to make moar friends
- 2011 new year's resolution was to become a human creature, though not sure yet what the heck it involves
- my clothes are getting a bit prettier every season :> (crawling up towards the level of average atm)
- likes being barefooted and wearing sandals, wants to get a knee-long sunflowery summer dress
- likes playing tourist and taking every kinds of non-artistic photos (sometimes they do get artistic on accident ofc)
- buys a pocket of cactus seed every spring, of wich usually one or two survive for a year or so (the survivors get named)

Getting farther and farther away from the topic, now go on and add me instead. :v